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Sake Vendiung Machine in Niigata 新潟駅

Founded on the concept of “talking about the culture of Echigo Uonuma with food,” Ponshukan Niigata Station is a souvenir shop that sells sake, rice crackers, and other rice-based drinks. Ponshukan Niigata Station has four main sections: the “Sake Bansho” sake tasting area; “Echigo Uonuma Shoten,” which sells rice crackers, soy sauce, and miso; the “Bakudan Onigiri House” rice ball shop; and, added in April of 2019, the “Kakuuchi Sake Bar,” where you can enjoy sake with a meal. For sake enthusiasts, the highlight of Ponshukan is the Sake Bansho where you can sample sake from all over Niigata. Brewery recommended varieties are available from dispensers lining the wall, and the number is overwhelming! Find out more at:


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