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Our Gift Registry


We are so excited to go to travel across Japan for a month in December. We would be honoured if you can share in a little part of that.

Instead of a Toaster why not buy us a round of sake instead?

Once you’ve identified what you’d like to gift, click the Give Gift link to send to our wedding PayPal.

Enter the amount and gift description and make sure to send as Friends & Family so every penny goes towards your gift.


Feed the deer at Nara Park


Considered the messengers of the gods, over 1000 deer have become a symbol of the city and have even been designated as a natural treasure. Deer crackers are for sale around the park, and some deer have learned to bow to visitors to ask to be fed.


Tokyo Tower


Tokyo Tower was a symbol of Japan’s rebirth after World War 2. Not only did it surpass the Eiffel Tower in height but it also stood as an example of Japan’s dedication to the modern world.


Sake Vending Machine At Niigata Station

ぽんしゅ館 新潟驛店

The Ponshukan Saké Tasting Room features nearly 100 types of saké from Niigata’s 90 breweries.

  For 500¥ you can buy us a round of Sake to try!


Himeji Castle


Himeji Castle is one of the 12 standing original castles of Japan. Built over 600 years ago and then completed in 1609 this castle has withstood earthquakes and battles!


Kyoto Railway Museum


There’s not much to say about this one. Ben likes trains and Japan is known for the bullet train. I think he’s excited to see how it all started!



teamLabs Botanical Gardens


Located in Osaka this teamLabs botanical garden is like no other. You get to experience nature meeting technology to put on one amazing art exhibition.





Who doesn’t love a bit of singing and dancing into the early hours of the morning. It originated in Japan and is now popular around the world. Karaoke is a well liked pastime enjoyed by people of all ages.


teamLabs Planets Tokyo


This multi sensory musuem will have us walking through water, smelling cherry blossoms and experiencing a light show. As artistic people, we would love to go and see what’s on show over in Japan.


Disneyland Tokyo


We went to Disneyland Paris to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and loved it!  Whilst in Japan it feels like a crime to be so close to Disneyland and not to go.



Nijo Castle


Known as the Kyoto residence of the famous leader Tokugawa Ieyasu (the first shogun of the Edo Period), Nijō Castle is a stronghold that represents the prestige and power of the mighty leader known as the unifier of Japan.


Universal Studios Japan

ユニバーサル スタジオ ジャパン

In the heart of Osaka lives Universal Studios Japan and whilst we do love Disney who wouldn’t want to go and say hi to Mario and Pikachu!



Snow Monkey and Temple

スノー モンキーと寺院のツアー

The world-famous Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park is home to about 200 wild monkeys who spend their days soaking in the natural hot springs, keeping warm from the harsh winter. 


Traditional Tea Ceremony


The Japanese tea ceremony is a Japanese tradition steeped in history. It is a ceremonial way of preparing and drinking green tea typically in a traditional tearoom with tatami floor.

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Kabuki Theatre


We met at drama school so we wanted to experience a little theatre to begin our newly married life. Tracing back to the Edo Period (1603-1868) Kabuki is recognized as one of Japan’s major classical theatres and has been named a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.


Wagyu Tasting Experience


Wagyu A5 Beef is known across the globe as the best steak in the world. The fat content on the cut of beef makes it melt in your mouth and where better to experience this than in the heart of Shinjuku.

Nothing tickles your fancy?

You could also donate towards our Japan trip any amount that you would like. Any gifts will go towards our food, travel and accomidation.

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Hiroshima Peace Memorial


Located on the site of the Atomic Bomb dropped on 8th August 1945, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum displays the photographs and materials of those affected. Help us pay respect to those who lost their lives.

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Todaji Temple


Todaji Temple is one of Japan’s most famous and historically significant temples. The temple was constructed in 752 bc as the head temple of all provincial Buddhist temples in Japan.

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Isuien Garden


This amazing secluded garden is situated outside of the city.

Hidden in a valley Isuien Garden really feels detached from the modern world.

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Mount Fuji Panoramic Ropeway


There is nothing like getting a bird’s eye view of your local surroundings. This ropeway was originally designed to offer a great view of Fuji-san however it’s quite good at showing off Lake Kawaguchiko too.

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Row a boat at Takachiho Gorge


This stunning gorge is in Miyazaki prefecture. For ¥5000 we can rent a boat to row through its healing cliff faces and refreshing waters.


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A meal out in Fukuoka Yatai


Ben doesn’t usually like to explore the local nightlife but he definitely can’t resist good food!

These food stalls can hold only a handful at a time so interacting with the chef and locals will be fun!

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Christmas Dinner @ KFC


KFC for Christmas Dinner has been a tradition in Japan since the 70s.

Although may miss our mama’s roasties we can’t wait to queue up for our festive bucket.

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A night out in Osaka


Food, Drink and Entertainment, there isn’t a lot more that you  could ask for. Osaka’s nightlife is world renowned and although there are nightclubs you’ll most likely find Ben at the World’s Largest Aquarium.

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Shimanami Kaido Cycle


A relaxing cycle across 80km and 6 islands.

Are we out of our minds? Probably. But we’ll most likely cycle through the stunning views and stop off at 7-Eleven enjoying the ocean breeze.

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A night in a Ryokan


A traditional Japanese inn that typically features tatami-matted rooms, communal baths, and other public areas where visitors may wear yukatas. 

A romantic and serene getaway.

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Hakone Hot Springs


We do play hard but we mainly work hard. Sometimes it’s nice to recognise you need a rest. With an overnight stay at a hot springs with a view overlooking Fuji-san we can think of no better way to unwind.